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Facebook is constantly releasing new features. This can be great for your business, but you need to keep up with what they are releasing so you know which ones to use and how to use them. As a small business owner, you only want to know what’s relevant to your business needs. Not to worry….we’ve got you covered!

Here are three of Facebook’s newest features that you can integrate into your social media marketing immediately.

Host a Watch Party

Watch Party was released by Facebook to bring communities together. Your community can watch and interact with the same video at the same time.

You are the host of the ‘party.’ From your Facebook Business Page, click on ‘Watch Party’ under the post section of your news feed. Choose a video (or several) and share them on your news feed. Anyone that has access to the post will be able to view and comment on it at the same time from their computers or mobile devices.

You cannot upload a new video on this feature. You will only be allowed to choose from videos that you have previously uploaded to your page.

Facebook Stories

If you’re familiar with Instagram Stories, then think of Facebook Stories as the same thing. These are photos and videos that are only available for 24 hours.

As a business, you just need to create and share interesting and relevant content on Facebook Stories. Share tips, behind the scene videos, customer feedback, or promotions.

Facebook Premieres

Give your followers a red carpet experience with Facebook Premieres. You can share a pre-made video like it’s happening live. Upload your video and schedule it for a future date (up to one week ahead). Facebook will send out an announcement post with an image of your choice and an option for viewers to subscribe to updates about your premiere. Later, there is a 3-minute countdown for your viewers leading up to the big launch. When the video goes live, the announcement post becomes your video post.

We recommend only using this feature for big events like product launches or company announcements. Using it for less dramatic things will take away any excitement you want to build for big announcements.

Are you ready to add any of these new Facebook features into your marketing this year?

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