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Do your social media posts feel stale? Here are some tips to create great content and acquire fans and eventually, customers.

Cater to your audience

Put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes and try to figure out what they would want to get out of a social post from your business.

Consider a campaign

Rather than doing one-off posts, consider creating a campaign that is drawn out over a period of time. Campaigns are more involved than regular posts and they’re usually centered around a particular theme or event.

Maintain a consistent voice

Just like you want to have a consistent brand and look for your business, you should establish a uniform voice for your social marketing. You need to figure out what your character or persona is.

Utilize video

If you are marketing on YouTube, video will be critical to your efforts. But don’t forget that videos are also enormously popular on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.

Include hashtags

Using hashtags as a way to categorize your content allows people to discover your posts, and helps you connect with people over shared interests.

Offer incentives

The more concrete and valuable your incentives, the more likely it is that your audience will respond enthusiastically. Discounts and rebates, particularly substantial ones, are always a good idea.

Encourage activity

Getting people to respond to your post or campaign by actually doing something is a great way to inspire interest and engagement.

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