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Instagram Stories provides an endless amount of enjoyment and entertainment for personal Instagrammers, but if you’ve got a business, it can play a major role in your social media promotional effort.

Behind the scenes

One of the best ways to utilize the immediacy and informality of Instagram Stories is to give your followers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your business in action. Keep in mind that this feature is called ‘Stories,’ so you should build a narrative with your images rather than just cobbling together a bunch of random pics and videos.

Mark a milestone

Just like people have birthdays and anniversaries, businesses celebrate milestones too. A move to a bigger office, the addition of a new product, the retirement of a beloved employee – these kinds of things make great fodder for Instagram Stories.

How-To’s and Demos

A great way to get up close and personal with your product or service is to create a demo. Social media is rife with these little nuggets of how-to because people love to get something substantial out of their scrolling.

Holiday Deals

Holidays usually only last a day. So what better way to celebrate them than with a slideshow that’ll disappear in 24 hours? Instagram Stories is perfect for rejoicing on well-known holidays like Independence Day, Square Dance Day, or Eat a Red Apple Day.


Making important – or not so important – announcements with Instagram Stories is a clever way to get attention and capitalize on the immediacy of the platform. Announcements might include the addition of a new product to your line-up, hiring a key employee, or forming a partnership with a related business.


The images don’t become a permanent part of your Instagram feed. You have the freedom to experiment with more raw, playful, and daring content.

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