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Make a News Year’s resolution to increase your brand identity and grow your small business. In this new year, you can do both by producing relatable and engaging content.

Use Video

Video is still king on the web. Your posts will be seen more often and create more engagement if you produce videos about your products and services. People watching will get to know you, view you as an expert in your field, and begin to trust you.

Use your videos on your social media platforms and on your website.

What should you make videos of? Demonstrate how to use a product, announce a company update, or answer questions from customers.

Be the expert

Be seen as the expert in your field by blogging. Share your knowledge about your industry with your clients and potential clients.

Bring your own unique voice to your blog and dive into your industry with enthusiasm. Your readers will be able to sense your passion and will feel more confidence in your brand as a result.

Take a break from managing your business and dedicate some time each day to writing your blog. You may find yourself remembering why you started in this line of work in the first place and come away with a renewed sense of purpose.

Post your blogs to your website and share your blogs across each of your social media platforms.

Build on what you have

Depending on your business, it can be fun and exciting experimenting with new marketing trends that come your way to show your relevance and to adapt your business to newly available technology. Yet that doesn’t have to mean you have to totally abandon the tactics that have worked for you in the past.

Keep your business going strong by maintaining your website and social media platform and providing your visitors to each with quality content.

Put marketing excellence on your 2019 resolutions!

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