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Holidays are perfect times to launch timely marketing campaigns that focus on your products and services. Unlike newsjacking and trend riding, where you have to be careful and clever about everything you post, holidays are meant to be for unabashed salesmanship.

Update Your Profile & Cover Pics

Just like you might decorate your home or business for a holiday, you can do the same for your social profiles. Change your header or profile pics to match the holiday or simply add little accents to your current assets.

Post Holiday Cards and Wishes

Many people like to use social media to send holiday wishes to friends and loved ones. Connecting with your followers in this way helps to strengthen your relationship and promote positive feelings about your brand.

Share Company Pics & Celebrations

People like to see how others celebrate holidays, so why not give them a glimpse of how you, your employees, and your family are observing the holiday? Post some pics of your store all decked out or of your company party.

Create Special Holiday Promotions

Holiday promotions are a great way to catch people when they’re in the mood to buy. They’re also handy because they only last a limited time.

Post DYI Videos

Videos are always hot on social. Even if you don’t sell food or drinks, you could post a video of your favorite holiday recipe. Or instead of promoting one of your own products, show people who to create their own gifts.

Engage Your Followers

The holidays are a great time to actively engage with your followers and customers because everyone is more likely to be in good spirits and willing to take part.

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