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Calls-to-action, or CTAs, are all over the web. Many blogs end with a directive about where to click. You see banners screaming ‘click here now’! Many websites want you to ‘click here’ to sign up for a newsletter or get a free e-book. CTAs are everywhere…but they’re not always being used the right way.

Online, we want to let our readers or website visitors know what their next steps should be – in the clearest possible way.

So many CTAs are ineffectual and actually turn off potential customers. Here are some great rules to follow when using calls-to-actions:

Don’t say ‘click here’

Even though ‘click here’ is a clear directive of what you want your users to do, it doesn’t tell them why. Don’t use this classic, but boring, CTA. Use a benefit-driven call-to-action that shows your users where they are going, why they should go there, and what they’ll get from going there.

Use action words

Use an action verb in your call-to-action. It helps sell the user on the benefit of clicking.

Don’t try to sell too hard

Selling too hard makes users uncomfortable and can cause a negative view of your brand. Tell, don’t sell. You want your users to make choices based on your products, their merits, and how you describe them. Selling too hard online can cause your users to feel suspicious and mistrustful of you and your brand.

Yes, you can use words that create a sense of urgency, such as ‘now’ and ‘today,’ especially if what you’re promoting has an expiration date, such as you’re running a sale.


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