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It’s a fact that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing one. That said, businesses are always looking to attract new customers.

Converting a visitor to your website into a customer is crucial to your growth.

How do you take an anonymous visitor and turn them into a lead, then turn that lead into a customer, and that customer into a loyal, returning customer?

It can seem challenging in our digital world to make this happen. But, we’ve got some tips you can use to make it happen for your business.

Sign Them Up

On your home page, capture your visitors’ information. Have them sign up for your newsletter. Or offer something for free in exchange for their information. You can offer a white paper or a workbook that you create. Once they’ve completed the online form, they’ll receive this interesting and useful information as a PDF via email.

Create a Leads Database

Either have all the people who sign up online automatically go into your CRM or create a spreadsheet you can upload. Having all your leads in one place will make it easy for you to reach out to them with future offerings.

Send Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch not only with your current customers but with leads. This keeps the communication open between you and your customers and potential customers.

Offer Coupons

Depending on your business, offering a coupon can be a great way for a lead to try your products or services. Coupons can incentivize a lead if your newsletter didn’t bring any action.

Communicating with your current customers and leads will keep you top of mind so when they’re ready to purchase, they will think of you first.

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