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Less really is more when it comes to website design.

Sometimes people cram too much information on every page and navigation can be confusing. Having your website designed by an expert can eliminate so many design issues could clutter your site.

Simple Websites Convert Better

A simple website has room for your visitor’s eye to rest. The eye is drawn to the most important area of your page – your call to action.

A home page cluttered with too many words makes it difficult for visitors to find and complete your call to action.

Your navigation bar should be just the essentials. Too many choices can be overwhelming for visitors and they get confused on where to go.

Simple Websites Load Faster

Visitors to your website don’t want to wait for it to load. If your site takes between 4 to 5 seconds to load, 20% of your visitors have already left your site.

Search engines also take load time into consideration when calculating your site’s search ranking. A faster load time means high placement in search results.

To ensure your site load quickly, prune your website text, minimize your images, and compress your video files.

Faster load times create a better user experience and increases your site’s search results ranking.

Simple Website Designs are More Mobile-Friendly

In 2017, 63%of all web traffic took place on mobile devices. This means your site must look just a good on a mobile device as it does on a laptop or desktop computer.

Simple web design translates better to a small mobile screen than a complex, busy site.

How to Ensure Your Simple Website Isn’t Boring

Simple doesn’t have to be boring! A well-branded and intentionally simple site can be beautiful and work well for your brand.

It can be tempting to throw everything you’ve got at your website. Take time to really read your content. Using bullet points and lists for some information makes it easier and more inviting for visitors to read.

Choose your colors, graphics, and images intentionally. They should all relate to your brand and make sense for your business. Feature your logo on your website. Your website style and colors take their cue from your logo.

Keep it clean and simple and your website visitors will thank you by staying on your site and responding to your call to action.

If you need help designing a clean and simple website for your business, give Blue Lilac Marketing Group, LLC a call. We’re experts at web design.

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