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For many consumers, color is an important factor when making a purchase. This is because color has a deep and often subconscious effect on our behavior.

As a business owner, how you use color can affect how successful your business is or isn’t. This means choosing the colors you use in your business is critical to the success of your business.

What Colors Mean

Colors have strong qualities associated with them. Here are some basics qualities that can be applied generally.

Blue – The color of honesty, trust, high quality, reliability and integrity.

Red – This color is considered exciting, attention-grabbing, warm, and connected with love, anger, life, and comfort.

Yellow – This color is seen as adventurous, and brings thoughts of happiness, travel, youth, and enthusiasm.

Green – Naturally, this color is associated with money but, it can also be seen as balance, health, knowledge, and sustainability.

Pink – The color for love, romance, gentleness, compassion, and sophistication.

Purple – This color is associated with creativity, royalty, mystery, respect, and playfulness.

Brown – This is the color of outdoors and is seen as friendly, organic, natural, and rugged.

Black – This color is sophistication, intelligence, seriousness, and expensive.

White – Known for order, innocence, purity, cleanliness, neutrality, and space.

Grey – This color is associated with timeliness, refinement, neutrality, and practicality.

Pick the Right Colors

A powerful brand starts with a professionally designed logo using colors that fit the brand image you want to portray. It’s not only the colors you choose but how these colors are used in your logo. That’s where a professional graphic designer can lead you to a choice that works well for your business.

Be intentional with how you choose colors for your business. And a professional graphic designer can help you not be boring!

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