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Having a website built for your business costs a good deal of money. You want to get value for your investment. Knowing what your site visitors want from your site will allow you to give them exactly what they want.

Here are some elements of your website that are key to keeping visitors happy.

Easy Navigation

Don’t make people dig through pages of information to get to where they want to go. If you navigation is intuitive and your shopping cart, if you sell online, is easy to use, you’re customers won’t abandon your website.

Clear Benefits

Why should a visitor purchase your products or services over your competition? Show visitors clearly on your homepage what the benefits for them are. Let them know you’re unique and why they should buy from you.

Faster Loading Time

As technology improves, people are more impatient with slow loading website. We want everything now, so make sure your website loads as quickly as possible.

Logo Links to Home Page

Does your logo link back to your home page? Visitors know that by clicking on a logo in the website header, they will be directed back to the home page. If your logo doesn’t link to your home page, get that corrected now.

Useful Content

Last, but certainly not least, visitors want useful content. That’s the main reason they’re there. People are at your site to learn more about your company and about your products or services. Give them in-depth information about your products and services. Make your content unique and helpful.

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