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Here’s a simple ‘to-do’ list to get more customers without spending more time on your marketing.

Grow your business

It’s challenging to find time to focus on marketing your small business. You know that to grow your business and stay connected to current customers, you must!

By using this marketing ‘to-do’ list, you can put into place an actionable plan that works for you!

Be Involved!

Sponsor local events. By playing a part in local events, your customers will be reminded that your business is a valuable resource in the community.

Be involved in a local charity. People like to do business with businesses that share their values and support non-profits that they also support. So, participate in a charity that speaks to you.

Be involved in your local Chamber of Commerce. You’ll increase your visibility in the business community.

Show that you are an expert in your industry and share your knowledge by speaking at Chamber events, conferences, or industry events.

Promote your charity involvement and speaking events on your social media to let your followers know what you’re up to.

Promote Your Business Everywhere

So keep all your marketing materials up to date. Have your contact information on your business cards, banner stands, signage, and website. You want people to be able to find you!

Make sure your business is listed in trade publications and on online local listings.

Do you have employees driving around town for you? Then you should have your vehicles branded with your company name, logo, website, and phone number. Think of these vehicles as moving billboards always advertising your business.

Referrals are a great way to grow your business. Happy customers will talk about you and refer you to others. Keep in touch with past customers with emails and newsletters. Send them special offers, if appropriate for your business.

Differentiate Your Business

What makes your business different from your competitors? Why should people choose to do business with you instead of your competitors?

Once you’ve answered these questions, use that information on you website’s home page and make sure your customers and potential customers know and understand the differences. Maybe you have a price match guarantee or you offer a free 1-hour consultation. What sets you apart will bring you business.

Look at Your Website

Even if your website is new, look it over and make sure it is easy for customers to navigate. Can they easily find where to make an appointment or make a purchase?

You only have a few seconds to capture a site visitor’s attention. Make sure the home page has a Call-to-Action that is compelling. This would be something like ‘Sign Up for Our Newsletter’ or ‘Schedule an Appointment Now.’

Ensure your phone number, hours of business and address are easy to find.

Invest time in SEO (search engine optimization). This will increase your ranking on online search results.

Connect with Customers on Social Media

With 68% of American adults on Facebook, social media marketing is a must for small business.

Research which social media platforms your customers are active on and have a presence there. Don’t feel like you have to be on every social media network. Choose one or two and do them well. Be social; respond to comments and messages.

Collect Testimonials and Request Reviews

84% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, you want great reviews online and testimonials posted on your website.

How do you collect testimonials and reviews? Ask for them! Most people will gladly post a review for you on Facebook if one of your posts asks them to.

Ask happy customers for a written testimonial to use in your marketing. This way you can use it on your website, in social media, and even on a printed brochure.

Are you doing these easy marketing steps to grow your business? If you’re too busy, give us a call! Blue Lilac Marketing Group LLC is here to help you grow your business!


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