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Holding events and attending an event as a speaker or exhibitor are great ways to market your business.

But how do you create excitement in your audience about the event?

Use videos to define your event topics or goals

Creating short videos can give potential attendees a sneak peek at your upcoming event, your speakers, your presentation topic, or even your tradeshow booth. Keep your videos lighthearted and fun so people want to watch them.

Short pre-event videos can help potential attendees decide if they want to attend your event or presentation.

Share your videos on YouTube, on your website and social media platforms, and email them to your contact list.

Use snail mail

Yes, you read that right – send a clever piece of mail that shows up in a physical mailbox. In today’s digital age, a piece of mail is a welcome surprise.

The key is to send something fun and cool. This will not only capture the recipient’s attention but encourage sharing on social media.

Show your speakers the love

If you are holding an event where you have guest speakers, promote and celebrate them. Their expertise will make your event informative and exciting.

Send newsletters with articles about your speakers and their expertise. Tease readers with promotions about topics that will be covered and opportunities to meet the speakers.

Share your newsletters on social media and encourage your speakers to share them with their contact lists.

Writing and sending effective content before, during, and after an event is vital to your attendee’s experience.


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