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Have you been faithfully writing blog articles for years? Do you want or need a break? Well, you can try repurposing old content.

Before you repost that old blog, answer a few questions first. Is the content in the article still relevant? If not, can the content be made relevant with a quick refresh? Was this post popular before? Do you have many new followers who didn’t see this article when you first posted it?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then repurposing your content suggests you are being strategic, not a lazy.

Post in a new format or a new channel

Your great blog article could be turned into an infographic and shared again on the same platform or you could try Instagram or Twitter. Try making the article into a video using Facebook Live.

Use your editorial calendar

An editorial calendar allows you to see what you previously posted, track analytics on how well it performed, and analyze your success.

If last year, you posted a “Top 10” list of something in your industry, you can most probably post a similar article this year. The list of the ‘top’ products or services has likely changed in a year. Just refresh your “Top 10” article and it’s good to go.

Host a webinar

If some of your content was extremely popular, it might suggest that many of your readers are interested in that topic. Invite your readers and clients to a webinar where you can use your popular article as a jumping off point to expand on the topic and educate your audience more deeply.

Don’t just copy and paste an old article into your blog and call it a day. Make sure the content is relevant and provides true value to your audience.


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