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Do you struggle to keep your desk neat and organized? Do you worry that you’re spending more time (and money) trying to get organized than actually being organized?

As a small business owner, sometimes it’s so easy to just shut your office door and walk away, leaving your desk a mess. You get so busy doing client work that papers and other projects just pile up on your desk or even on the floor.

You don’t have to work this way. Spend a little time getting organized and your workspace will always look welcoming and ready to go.

Here are some organizing tips to help you get your workspace organized.

Build up

Maximize usable space and cut down on desktop clutter by going up. Use shelves to hold both file storage and décor. Use these shelves to put your family pictures, awards, and other office decorations rather than using your valuable desktop space.

Use decorative boxes

Those cute boxes you find in Target and Staples are a great way to organize office supplies. Instead of taking up valuable drawer space, your office supplies, when stored in a box on your shelf, will be close by when you need them.

Go minimalist on supplies

I love shopping for pretty journals, colorful folders, and new pens. I could spend a fortune at Staples! However, I find I use one style of pen most of the time. We don’t need all the other pens we’ve purchased or collected cluttering up our desks or desk drawers.

Consider tossing or giving away supplies that you don’t really need. The ones that are just sitting in your drawers, taking up valuable space.

Have one in-box

Keep an in-box that is your catch-all on your desktop. Your inbox could be a wire basket or a pretty open box.

Put all your papers that you don’t have time to deal with in immediately in this in-box. Sort through it at the end of the day.

Clear off your desk every day

Not only do you empty out your in-box at the end of the day, but you should clear off your desk surface too. By clearing off your desk, you’re setting yourself up for a more productive morning the next day.

Getting organized and staying that way takes time and effort. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll find you have very productive days!


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