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As a small business owner, you’re looking for effective methods to reach and engage your target market.

Sending your current customers and potential customers a newsletter is a great way to strengthen your brand, increase your online traffic, and grow your business.

A newsletter sounds great, but what do you write about?

No need to feel overwhelmed! Here are some effective newsletter ideas to inspire you to create many great newsletters.

Send a holiday or seasonal greeting

We’re quickly approaching the holidays, so I thought we’d start with this tip. The annual calendar provides you with many opportunities to reach out to your readers – and it’s not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do an online search of fun holidays and you might find a holiday that ties in nicely with your business. For example, National Taco Day would be a great day to have a special on tacos if your business is a Mexican restaurant.

You can always hold a sale because it’s Fall or Spring too!

Introduce a new product or service

A new product launch is always exciting. Share the news with your readers. Be sure to add some great images of your new product and, of course, a discount coupon, just for your readers!

Share customer stories

Share success stories from your happy customers. You get to showcase your products or services, give your customer some great exposure, and inspire your readers by your customer’s success. Happy customers are your best advocates!

Hold a contest

Get your readers interested by drawing them in with a promise of a chance to win a cool prize. The prize you offer could be a free item, a basket filled with your products, a free consultation, or any other reward that relates to your business.

Invite readers to an event

Invite your readers to an event. It could be a conference that you are speaking at, a webinar you are holding, a special just-for-them sale in your store. Getting face-to-face time with your customers will strengthen your relationship with them.

Have exclusive coupon codes for readers

Give your readers the VIP treatment! Treat them to an exclusive sale by sending them a coupon good in your store or online. Who doesn’t like this special treatment?

Show off your most popular products (and why people love them)

This topic works because people fear missing out on the current trends or what others are doing. Giving your readers a peek at your most popular products is a terrific opportunity to showcase your products by explaining what makes them so popular.

Celebrate your anniversary

Is your business’ anniversary coming up? Well, this is a great time to celebrate with your readers. Thank them for their support, offer a special anniversary deal, and maybe even share a funny story from your early days in business.

Connect on social media

Be sure to invite your newsletter readers to follow your social media pages. Let them know that following you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc., has value for them in exclusive

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