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It’s no secret that people’s inboxes are crowded. Many people are often juggling multiple email accounts – work and personal.

Yet, email remains one of the most efficient and effective ways to connect with customers, to engage them, and move them towards a sale.

One trick that most businesses don’t know is that a shorter subject line will get your email opened.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing analyzed the subject lines of over 7 billion emails and reported that subject lines under 21 characters generated a 31 percent higher-than-average open rate.

They found that subject lines under 21 characters account for less than five percent of email subject lines. 74 percent of subject lines fell between 21 and 60 characters. Emails that used 21 to 60 character subject lines saw the lowest open rate at 13.8 percent.

While shorter email subject lines can stand out in an inbox, especially on phones, the length of a subject line is only one of many email components you should take into account when developing an email campaign.

Your subject line should make the recipient want to open and read your email. Craft a subject line that is personalized to your recipient or one that piques their interest and appeals to their curiosity.

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