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2018 will be here before you know it, so now is the time to prepare your company for the coming year by creating your 2018 marketing plan.

It’s so tempting to stick with the same old marketing plan that you’ve been using, with hopes that it will work better next year. But that’s not a wise move. Now is the time to update your marketing strategy for the upcoming year.

Here are a few ideas to assist you in creating your marketing plan:

Review Last Year’s Plan

See what worked and what didn't work. Not all your great plans for 2017 turned out as you expected. If you can look at what didn’t work and understand what went wrong, you won’t make those same mistakes again.

Reviewing your marketing plan will give you concrete evidence that supports continuing or changing your marketing strategy. This is one of the most important things you should think about when creating or updating your marketing plan for 2018.

Include New Technology

Since technology is here to stay, your marketing tactics should include ways to use technology.

To increase your profits in the new year, use technology in new ways to deliver your content and services. Are you using a mobile app to reach your audience? Do you have a strong online presence?

Increase Spending on Ads

Advertising can be expensive, but you can measure ROI advertising online and with other emerging platforms. Include advertising in your 2018 marketing strategy. Plan your ad placement smartly and you’ll see positive results.

Include New Products and Services

Are you adding new products or services this coming year? Do not use the same marketing tactics on new products or services that you are using on existing products and services. You want your customers excited about your latest offerings. This necessitates a change in marketing emphasis.

Sure, last year's marketing plan worked fairly well for you, but why not aim for better results in 2018 by creating an updated marketing plan?


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