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You’ve got a great website but not a lot of traffic. You’d also like to have more people aware of what you do. And you want to grow your business. How can you make these things happen? Start blogging!

Increased visibility on search engines

Blogs are a valuable tool in increasing your website’s visibility in online searches. Use your keywords in the title and body of your blogs. This makes it easy for search engines find and rank your content.

Engage visitors

Keep your readers’ attention by allowing them to interact with you on your blog. Allow them to post comments and, this is the social part, you respond back. Even if it’s just a ‘thank you’ to someone who thinks your blog post is great!

Guest blog

Reach out to others in industries similar to yours that you don’t necessarily compete with and offer to be a guest blogger for them. You help them by taking one blog post that they may have to write off their plate but you gain access to their readership, which increases your visibility.

Post to social media

A blog is not a ‘one and done’ marketing piece. Use it everywhere! Share your blog posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Posting to social media will grow your audience.

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