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Using video for marketing has become a must for all businesses, large and small. Cisco reports that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by the end of 2017.

Video, in addition to a strong social media presence and awesome website, will help your brand grow.

Professional videos can be expensive. There is a place for them in your marketing, but take advantage of Facebook Live to increase your video exposure online. It’s free and only requires your time.

Increase engagement

Using Facebook Live will help you increase engagement with your fans. By creating and posting great content you will reach as many fans as possible since Facebook has been reportedly boosting live videos into news feeds more than any other content. This means great exposure for your business and increased engagement with your fans.

What to post?

Using live video is different than taping an ad for TV. Your content must be exciting and interesting for a long period of time to encourage your fans to watch your video and share it.

If you have employees, showcase them in a video so your customers can see who is working behind the scenes at your company. Give a tour of your office. Share a new recipe from your kitchen or give a sneak peek at a new product coming out.

Host an event

If you’re hosting an event, go live with the setup and talk about how you’re preparing for this great event. You might find some people sign up to attend that day just because of your video. You can also do short videos during the event of a presentation or the keynote speaker. These snippets of your event may encourage people who didn’t attend this year to join the fun next year!

Conduct an interview

Are you at a great industry conference? Have you met someone that you admire in your industry? Ask them for a short interview on Facebook Live. Sharing this with your fans gives them a chance to ‘meet’ this person too and they may love you for it.


You don’t have to be at a conference to present on a topic. This of Facebook Live as your own personal ‘TedTalk’ where you can present your product or idea. Take advantage of the ability to answer your viewer’s questions to make it truly interactive.


Once your video is done, Facebook saves to your company page so people who missed it can see it. You now have the opportunity to go in and analyze how well it went. You can see how many people viewed your Live video, what your engagement was like, review the comments and you can even respond to comments.

Video is huge so take advantage of the great free video capability in Facebook Live to promote and grow your business.

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