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Your Instagram feed isn’t chronological. When you look at your feed you may see a post that is only minutes old and the next one is a few days old.

Marketing on Instagram can be challenging because most users miss 70% of the content in their feeds.

So, how do your increase engagement on your Instagram posts and get more comments (which help you jump higher in the feed)?

What matters to Instagram

What influences a post’s ranking on Instagram’s feed?

  1. The number of Likes and comments a post has

  2. If that user has interacted with your content in the past

  3. How recently you posted

The more people like and comment on your posts, the greater the likelihood your post will show up in the Explore tab, where users who don’t already follow you can check out your popular post.

Host a contest

A contest is a fun and easy way to get followers to comment on your Instagram posts. Post your contest on Instagram and ask your followers to enter the contest by posting a comment. You could run the contest for a week and have followers post a comment every day.

Ask a question

To get more comments on your posts, ask for them. In your post, ask a question. It’s a great way to interact with your followers and engage them.

Post a video

Videos on all social media are huge. Audiences want video content so give it to them. Make your video interesting and engaging.

Use relevant hashtags

When you post content with relevant, popular hashtags, your posts will appear in search results for those hashtags and in the Explore tab.

Posts with at least one hashtag usually get more than 12% more engagement than a post without a hashtag.

Post engaging content

Content is king so post content that your followers want to read. Remember, use social media to educate and entertain your followers for 80% of your posts. The other 20% can be sales related posts. If all your posts are ‘salesy,’ you’ll turn off your followers.

Have fun posting on Instagram. By the way, it’s the fastest growing social media pl

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