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Referrals are a great way to increase your sales and grow your business. Getting referrals should be one of your top marketing strategies because referrals are more likely to translates into clients than leads generated through other methods.

There are two types of referrals – experience and reputation.

Experience referrals result from someone who has worked with your company telling their network about you. Reputation referrals come from someone hearing about your business through an ad you place, engaging with you on social media or reading your blog.

How do you get great referrals? Here are some ideas for you to incorporate into your current marketing plan.


Be seen as the expert in your industry when you blog. Post blogs on a regular basis and share your knowledge and expertise. Have your blog on your website so visitors can see all this great information along with all the other information you share on your website.

Client stories

Publish client stories, also known as case studies, on your website. The clients you write about will share the articles about them. Also, visitors might see themselves in your clients; they share the same problems that you solved.

A client story should talk about the problem the client was having, how you came in and solved the problem, and finally, how happy the client is now.

Share your client list

You may not want to share your list of clients, but having it on your website can be a great marketing tool. A potential client might reach out to someone on the list and ask about their experience with your company.


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