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If you blog, you know that you must share your blog on all your social media channels. You want to get your content seen and social media is one of the best ways to get your blog read.

Here is a simple guide to creating a killer social media strategy to get more people reading your blog.

Map out a strategy

Before you start any venture, it is important to map out a strategy. Where should you start?

Check out what your competition is doing. Where are they sharing their content? What social media platforms are they on and what is their level of engagement?

Knowing this information will allow you to set yourself apart from your competition and build your own identity online.

Check your analytics to see what are the best times for you to post your blogs by the times people are visiting your blog. Also, use your analytics to determine which types of posts get the most engagement. If a chatty type of post gets more, positive feedback from your readers than your informative posts, know that your audience likes your friendly, chatty style best. So, more of your blogs should be written in that voice.

Set up your social media channels

With your strategy in place, you need to determine which social media channels are best for your business. Not all social media platforms will work well for all businesses.

Set up social accounts for your blog and other social news. We recommend Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, again depending on your business. You can start with one or two channels and add more as you get more comfortable with an online social media presence.

When you post your blog to other social media platforms, your readers can share your blog with their networks. How great is that?

Be social

Here’s the hard part….social media is social. So you have to be just that…social with your followers. If people comment on your page, you should respond. At least say ‘thank you’ when someone says something nice about your post.

Expand your reach

Consider writing a monthly or quarterly customer newsletter. Your newsletter can contain some information about your products, a sale, or highlight a specific product. You can also use blog posts to fill in space on your newsletter. Repurpose your blogs to reach a greater audience.

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