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You’ve decided to start blogging. You know a blog can do so many things to help your business. It improves your website visibility, sets you up as an expert in your field, sways potential new clients to do business with you, and it can keep you in touch with your clients.

Before you start writing your first blog, here are some blogging mistakes to avoid so your blog is well written and read by your followers.

Don’t write a long blog post

Longer isn’t always better when it comes to blogging. Remember, the main goal of your blog is to educate your readers by providing valuable information. Keep the text to as short as you can to get your points across. People don’t have the time to read a blog that looks as long as ‘War and Peace.’ They will look at the long text and be turned off.

Use a lot of white space and bullet points to keep information in a great, easy-to-read format.

Don’t write about yourself. Sure, sharing a story is great, but make sure the focus or moral of the story is your clients, their needs, and solutions you helped them with.

Don’t use a ‘ho-hum’ title

The title of your blog should make your readers want to dive into it. The title should be short so it shows up well on mobile devices and be an attention grabber.

Use one of your keywords in the title so your blog gets noticed by search engines.

Here’s a great formula for writing a title that will get noticed:

Number or Question + Adjective + Keyword + Promise = Improved Blog Search

Don’t read what you’ve written

Your blog is a great way to be seen as the expert in your field. You want that recognition. Therefore, your blog should look professional and polished.

Don’t just write your blog and publish it. Read it through….a couple of times to make sure it all makes sense. You don’t want to publish a post with spelling and grammatical errors.

Check out Grammarly. It’s a free app that will not only check your spelling but your grammar. This is a last quick check you can make to ensure your blog is all set to publish.

Don’t share it

Don’t just write your blog and post it on your website. Share it!

Promote your blog on all your social media channels. Don’t just open social media account, use them. It’s very easy to share your blog on Facebook or LinkedIn.

If you write a customer newsletter, your blog could be one of your articles that you include.

Now start blogging. Promote your business and share your knowledge with your

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