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If you’re using Facebook for your business, it’s important to stay on top of the ever-changing features of this awesome social media platform.

Here are 3 new Facebook features you need to know about.

Workplace by Facebook

Initially used as an internal tool for Facebook employees, Workplace is meant to help professionals stay connected to their coworkers.

Workplace is similar to traditional Facebook in that it has a news feed, you can communicate via Live video or chat, and you can connect to coworkers in other time zones.

An extra bonus is that the shared spaces, or multi-company groups, allows employees from different companies collaborate with each other.

Facebook Live 2.0

It was so exciting when Facebook Live launched…except you could only use your smartphone or a table to use Facebook Live.

Now, you can broadcast Facebook Live from your desktop or laptop with the newest version. Also, users can now pin comments to the bottom of a Live broadcast, highlighting important messages you may have for your viewers.

Messenger Day

Facebook launched Messenger Day in March in direct competition with Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Similar to these other social media platforms, Messenger Day has filters and stickers and also allows a story to only stay visible for 24-hours.

Messenger Day is found in the Facebook Messenger and allows you to see who is online in real-time and to start a conversation with them. Facebook says this tool is meant to encourage people to share what they’re doing in the moment or what they’d like to be doing.

Messenger Day isn’t available to businesses…yet! It’s on Facebook’s radar since it would make for a pretty cool advertising platform.

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