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Did you take advantage of the three-day weekend that Memorial Day Weekend offered? Did you use this time off to visit a new place or did you stay home?

It sure was nice having that extra day off. The problem is, you return to your office on Tuesday to an inundation of emails and only four days left in the week to get your work done. It can overwhelm you.

We’ve all been there. That’s why we collected some great tips for getting back to work after a long weekend.

Before you leave

Before you head out for your long weekend, look at your calendar for the week you come back. You might want to keep the day you return to the office free of meetings so you can concentrate on your overflowing in-box of emails.

Out-of-office message

If you won’t be able to or choose not to, respond to emails and phone calls while you’re off on your long weekend, then let people know you won’t be able to respond by setting an automatic out-of-office reply on your email. Also, change your phone’s message to let callers know when you’ll be back in your office.

To-do list

Before you leave, try to put together a to-do list of projects and other work that needs your attention when you return. This way, nothing will fall through the cracks.

When you return to the office, take another look at your list. It’s probably a lot longer than your usual Monday list. Sort through your list and prioritize what needs to be done first and what can wait until later in the day or maybe even the following day. Determine what you can accomplish over the course of a day.

Cull through your email inbox

Sort through your emails and label them according to which needs to be responded to immediately and which can wait until later in the week.

Enjoy your time off

It’s important to unplug and take time off. You can reconnect with family and friends and feed your spirit. We all need down time, so enjoy it. You will enjoy it more if you’re prepared for your return to work so use these tips to enjoy your next long weekend!

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