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There is a battle going on between Facebook and Snapchat, the app Facebook tried unsuccessfully to purchase in 2013. Each is launching products that compete with each other.

As of March 9, 2017, Facebook rolled out a new feature called Messenger Day. This app works like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status where users share photo and video messages embellished with text, drawings, filters, and emojis that disappear after 24 hours.

Facebook’s new feature is being gradually rolled out to all Android and iOS Messenger apps.

What is Messenger Day?

Messenger Day allows users to create a slideshow of photos and videos that are visible to friends on Facebook Messenger for 24 hours before it disappears. This new feature is part of Messenger, Facebook’s standalone messaging app used by one billion people worldwide.

Messenger’s in-app camera lets users add text, stickers, drawings, emojis, filters and lenses to photos and videos before adding them to their Messenger Day or sending them to individual friends or groups.

How it’s different

Unlike Snapchat and Instagram stories which are focused on sharing what you’re doing at the moment, Facebook has positioned Messenger Day as a way to make plans with friends and talk about getting together.

Using it for business

Companies are starting to use messaging apps to communicate with customers. Using content created on Facebook Messenger could create a more unified communication approach to customers if you already are engaged with them on Facebook.

Check your Messenger app to see when your update comes through with Messenger Day and experiment with it. It’s a new and different way to communicate with your client base that you may want to try.

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