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When you researched your target audience, you learned what they need and what their pain points are. Then you tailored your marketing strategy to satisfy these needs.

Facebook is an important tool you can use to focus on your customers and their needs.

What are the top things your customers really want from your Facebook Page?

Why you need a Facebook Page

Having a Facebook Page is important to your marketing success. There are more than 60 million active business Facebook Pages and more than 1.02 billion active Facebook users that log into Facebook daily. Your customers are there!

You can check your analytics using Page Insights to see how your content is performing and how well (or not) you are interacting with your fans. Use this data to plan marketing campaigns and future social media content.

What do your customers expect to find on your business page?

Contact and business information

Sometimes your customers just want to find out some basic information about your business, such as where you’re located, what your hours are, or what your phone number is.

Be sure to complete the ‘About’ section of your Page with all this information. This section should have all your contact information as well as information about your company. Also include links to any other social media channels that you use.

Customer support

Have you ever had a problem with a product or service and want to talk to someone at the company for help or customer support? One of the primary reasons people look at a company’s Facebook Page is for customer support.

You can use Facebook Messenger for a private, one-to-one conversation with a customer to resolve any issues they may have. This can also help keep any negative conversations off your page.

Deals and contests

Everyone loves a good deal, and your Facebook Page fans are no different.

Many Facebook Page fans expect, and enjoy, participating in contests and receiving special discounts because they love your product. Use your Page to post coupons or discount codes exclusively for your fans. It makes them feel special and who doesn’t like to feel special. Run contests to promote a new product.

Post relevant content

Like all social media platforms, your Facebook Page is a great way to reach a large group of people an efficient way. Share content and information with your fans that is relevant to your business and industry.

And don’t make all your posts about your products or services. Post stories about happy customers. Post about things happening in your industry. Educate your fans. Don’t just sell. The purpose is to be social and engage your fans.

Include photos with your content. Posts with images receive more interaction than post that are just text. Videos receive even more interaction so consider using Facebook Live.

Give your customers what they want from your Facebook page and you’ll have them coming back to visit more frequently.


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