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We’ve all been there...we open a blog post that looks interesting and, bam, you’re out of there quickly.

Why did you leave? Some blog posts make us want to read them and others just turn us right off. It could look boring or have so much content that it’s overwhelming. You know you won’t be able to read through all that ‘stuff’ in a couple of minutes.

If you’ve put in the time and energy to write and post a blog, you want people to read it, not run from it. How can you avoid creating a hard to read blog?

Here are some reasons your blog may be hard to read:

Didn’t use whitespace

Whitespace is the empty space on the page. It allows the reader to focus on your content. Make sure you have plenty of whitespace around your paragraphs and images. This will help draw the reader’s attention to them.

Didn’t use section headers

Section headers are the main points of your blog. They break the blog into chunks and make it easy for the reader to comprehend the main points.

You used too much text

Nothing will overwhelm a reader more than staring at a page filled with text.

No, I’m not going to tell you to write less. What I will tell you is to break your text into short paragraphs of a couple sentences each….max. Long paragraphs make a post look dense and hard to read.

You used a difficult to read font

A small font will likely give your readers a headache. Choose a font that is easy to read and large enough for all your readers. I recommend sans-serif fonts because they don’t have any embellishments, or ‘serifs,’ on the top or bottom of each letter that can make reading online difficult. Sans-serif fonts are easier to read online.

You didn’t use bullet points

Some people don’t have time to read every word you’ve written in your blog. Make it easy for them by using bullet points to give them the information you want them to have quickly.

  • Bullet points make it easy to process information

  • Bullet points should be brief

You didn’t use an image

An image breaks up your blog’s text so it’s easier for your reader to scan the post.

Using the right picture can help your reader understand what your post is about. Your image should be at the top of your post to grab your reader’s attention.

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