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Fact: 33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone.

That’s why it is so important to craft a compelling subject line… people will open and read your email.

Here are some tips to write email subject lines that people will actually click.

Keep it short

Email subject lines will get cut off if they are too long, especially on mobile devices. And 40% of emails are being opened on mobile devices first.

You need to keep your email subject line to fewer than 50 characters. This will allow people to see the entire subject line when they’re scanning their email.

Use a recognizable sender name

If the sender is unknown, most people do aren’t want to chance opening spam. It might contain a virus.

Also, emails from ‘info@” or “customerservice@” are unlikely to get opened. They don’t sound friendly.

If you need to have emails coming from a generic email account, set one up using a name, such as ‘Sue@”. You’ve just increased the likelihood of the email being opened by having it come from a person.

Use action verbs

Similar to the Call-to-Action on your website, you need to let people know what to do and express the urgency to open the email. An action verb used at the beginning of the subject line can entice readers to open your email.

Make them feel special

Give your readers a sense of exclusivity; that they are on the inside. This can help build loyalty by creating a sense of belonging.

For example, your subject line could be ‘You’re Invited’ or ‘Exclusively for our favorite customers’. This will make them feel special.

Keep it concise

Since people quickly scan their inbox, you need a clear and concise subject line that will grab their attention.

Think about how your email will benefit the reader. Make that benefit clear in the subject line.

Don’t use all caps

People will feel yelled at if your subject line is all caps. And no one likes to get yelled at!

Also, overusing exclamation points can be a big turn off too.

Using all caps or too many exclamation points can make an email look like spam.

If you have something exciting to share with your mailing list, remember to craft a compelling subject line and your email will get opened.


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