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We help you make that emotional connection with your audience. 

Advertising is a good way of reaching your intended audience. This marketing method comes in different platforms, ranging from radio and TV ads, newspaper and magazine advertisements, billboards and other similar means.


As a rule, there are two types of advertising that you can use. One is informative advertising, where you provide information to your audience. The second is called persuasive advertising, where you try to persuade people as to why they should support your company or brand.

Vinny Dallo, LUTCF, New York Life


Vinny Dallo, of New York Life, needed an ad that would communicate his business offerings and meet New York Life's Compliance Department's requirements.


trü salon print ads


trü salon has hired Blue Dog Marketing to design ads for various local publications.

The ad to the left was used for the holiday season.


The ad below was specifically for the new Park Avenue salon and appeared in a Park Avenue publication.